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North Coast

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6 hours

North Coast, Massachusettes – Salem, Marblehead, and Gloucester

This is a 6-hour tour. Salem, settled in 1626, endured a witchcraft hysteria in 1692, resulting in the executions by hanging and “pressing to death” of 18 people and 3 dogs – more than 45 others, mostly elderly women, froze to death in unheated dungeons in this area while awaiting their “trial” before the hysteria […]

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7 hours

North Coast, Massachusettes – Gloucester, Rockport, and Lighthouses

This tour is 7 hours with a sit-down lunch and is available year-round. On the north shore of Massachusetts, 28 miles from Boston, there is a beautiful peninsula named Cape Ann, named by Captain John Smith, after the Danish-born mother of English King Charles I.  It is cut off from the mainland by the Annisquam […]

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