Boston and The Freedom Trail


Boston and The Freedom Trail are available as a 4 or 6 hour tour with the option of walking or driving.

The_Freedom_TrailBoston is much more than the Freedom Trail.  We have 2 miles of sandy ocean beaches, 34 islands in Boston Harbor, the Boston Fish Pier, Castle Island (with its creepy old granite fort), and 3 Presidential Libraries: John Adams, George Washington, and John F. Kennedy.  The first building in the United States built specifically as a Presidential Library was that of John Quincy Adams and is 15 minutes south of downtown Boston in Quincy, Massachusetts – on the same street where President George H. W. Bush was born.  So, you could see the 4 Presidential Libraries and the birth-place of a President all in one day, including the Adams Family homesteads – the childhood home of Abigail Adams and their tombs.

Even with all of the above sights available, we begin this tour with our Beacon Hill neighborhood.  This area closely resembles London, circa 1780.  You’ll see Georgian-style architecture, brick sidewalks, wrought-iron railings and fences, over 1000 working antique gas street lights, and cobblestoned alleyways.  Visiting Beacon Hill is like stepping back in time and was the home of the Yankee Brahmins.

The Back Bay reminds many of Paris, France, circa 1870, with elegant brownstone and brick mansions, Parisian-style walking boulevards, flowering trees and gardens, old street lights, and a casual and comfortable ambiance in the air.

charlestown-ma-the-training-fieldBunker Hill, in our Charlestown neighborhood, was settled in 1627.  The hill, at one end of the Freedom Trail, is the tallest hill in Greater Boston, and here, Colonel Prescott ordered his men “Don’t fire ‘til you see the whites of their eyes!”, on June 17, 1775 in what became the bloodiest battle of the American Revolution, fought even as George Washington was still attending Congress as a civilian.

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