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“Declan and Michelle are the Best of Boston Touring!”

by Ira J. from Brea, California  –  Reviewed April 29, 2013

I had a two groups use Boston Private Tours on separate days and both tours were outstanding. My company hosted a conference in Boston where we also plan a spouse event for the significant others of our clients. The spouse event included a private tour with Declan as their tour guide and they had the best time. The group started out small but quickly grew after more spouses became interested in touring Boston privately. Due to the size, Michelle (the person in charge of booking the tours) had to quickly accommodate us by hiring a private bus for our growing group. I didn’t get a chance to provide adequate notice and thought the whole tour might not have taken place because Boston Private Tours did not have the capacity on their shuttle, but Michelle turned it all of that around quickly. The spouses were able to tour around the entire city of Boston receiving inside information from Declan about the rich history of the city. They made frequent stops that included the Isabella Gardner Museum and fine dining in Little Italy. Declan stayed with the group the entire time, even refusing to eat anything after being offered by our group. He is a first class guide who really cares about his work and it shows by the way he conducts his tours. The spouses could not stop talking about how much fun they had when they returned from their excursion, and that made me feel great about using Boston Private Tours. So much so that we used them again during the conference for a private walking tour for 30 of our clients 2 days after the spouse event.

I spoke with Michelle and she was absolutely awesome. Not only did she provide a reasonable price but she more than accommodated my group. Declan was also the tour guide for the walking tour and did a phenomenal job! He only had 2 hours and was able to cover so much ground. He loves his job so much that even after the tour time was up, he offered to go longer. If our group had more time they would have taken him up on his offer but we all had to head to the airport so it wasn’t possible.

I would absolutely recommend Boston Private Tours again. Declan and Michelle are very trustworthy and I absolutely loved providing them my business.

Visited April 2013

“What a great day!”

by Hoganism from Midland, Texas  –  5 of 5 stars Reviewed May 13, 2013

With all of the great reviews written earlier for Boston Private Tours, it wasn’t hard for me to contact them to arrange a tour and after talking to Michelle, I felt almost a part of their group. Ruth was our guide for my wife, a friend and myself. It was fantastic. It was very informative, lots of history, but more that that, we had a great amount of fun. I truly feel I have visited Boston, not just walked through it. If you would like to experience Boston, please arrange a tour with this company.

Visited May 2013


“Lifesavers! A great way to entertain business clients!”

by Suren77 from Boston, Massachusetts  –  Reviewed March 12, 2013

My company was interested in entertaining an Executive Candidate we were looking to hire whose flight back to Malaysia was severely delayed to the most recent snowstorm. On VERY short notice, I did some internet research on group and private tours and decided to call Boston Private Tours based on the overwhelming positive feedback on Trip Advisor. I spoke with MIchelle over the phone and told her my situation and she asked that I give her a few minutes to check availability since the tour was to be in just over 12 hours from our call. Michelle called me back and confirmed availability within minutes. End result- our client (prospective employee) was treated to a fully customized, one-on-one tour of Boston at a VERY reasonable price. He LOVED it and found it informational and fun to be able to ask personalized questions during the course of the tour (something he wouldn’t have experienced with a big group tour). I highly recommend Boston Private Tours for personal or business use and will be using them again when we want to give clients or candidates red carpet treatment in the future.

Visited March 2013


“Best Day in Boston”

by Teresa VanCleve W. from Lexington, Kentucky  –  Reviewed April 30, 2013

I just visited Boston with my 84-year old mother and my sister-in-law, who is still recovering from a car accident that resulted in a hip replacement. We had one day to see everything we possible could and for obvious reasons walking tours or hopping on and off a trolley were just not options. We had a private tour with Declan as our guide and I couldn’t have planned anything better. We say everything we wanted to see; some things we didn’t know that we wanted to see, but are so glad we did and best off all never had to walk a great distance or look for a parking spot! In addition, we had a delightful lunch at a very old tavern – we would never have found on our own. I can’t say enough good things about this agency. It was worth every penny spent and it allowed me to mark one more thing off Mom’s “bucket list.”

Visited April 2013

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